About Ulinco Vulctech

Since 1973, Ulinco Vulctech has been collecting knowledge of rubber and its applications. We have chosen to work with rubber due to its outstanding properties, and are proud to say that many of our rubber linings have a technical lifetime of up to 40 years. Our excellence lies in rubber lining for wear and corrosion protection. We also offer high-quality products for belt conveyors, material for wear protection as well as repair material and tools for rubber works. The company is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Ulinco Vulctech is the agent for Rema Tip Top in Sweden, one of the worlds biggest actors in the rubber materials sector, and well-known for the very high quality of their products. With Rema Tip Top, we have a network through which we find both knowledge and advice, as well as work force for bigger projects.

Ulinco Vulctech is part of the Ulinco Group.

Skalmeredsvägen 2
438 39 Landvetter
Tel: +4631-748 55 10
Fax: +4631-748 55 01

E-mail: info@vulctech.se


Name Role Direkt number
Tomas Amtén Managing Director +4631- 748 55 53
Linus Skogh Indoor Sales +4631- 748 55 54
Daniel Nilsson Workshop Manager / Sales +4631- 748 55 57