Vad är REMA PERFORMANCEgrip 70/CN-SL 41-5210306
The premium strip lagging

The premium strip lagging

  • REMA PERFORMANCEgrip 70/CN-SL premium quality with high abrasion resistance
  • Reduces slippage between belt and pulley
  • Improves and stabilizes coefficient of friction
  • Evacuation of moisture and dirt
  • Protects the pulley from wear and corrosion
  • Prevents material build-up
  • Positive influence on belt tracking
  • Deep grooving to handle large amounts of dirt and provide long operating life
  • Simple and easy to bond with CN-Bonding layer
  • Improved abrasion
  • Improved elongation at break
  • Easy to cut to size with REMA TIP TOP rubber cutting device Type 32 and attachment
  • Grooved rubber lagging for drive pulleys
  • Long belt conveyors
  • Large pulley diameters (from 800 mm)
  • For high-tension fabric and steel cord belts of all strengths
  • Pulley width up to 10.000 mm without circumferential seam
  • No loss when cutting to individual pulley width
  • Joint sealing with the well-proven T2-System
  • Can be cut to size for strip lagging of the pulley (also on the equipment). Easy to cut to size with rubber cutting device Type 32 and attachment.